Try this simple technique to change your outlook on life

I read this article in O magazine and I would like to summarize for you because I found myself and many of my friends we all have gone through a period of time when we feel very depressed and people trying to cheer us up, but many times it is one ear in and another ear out. It was very helpful; I found this information from Martin Seligman, PHD, the father of positive psychology to be very pro-active and very useful.

He gave us a quick lesson on a classic optimism-boosting exercise- which he calls ABCDEs.

The goal is to stop thinking pessimistically, rather than teach you to start thinking optimistically (which rarely works). This fix is not instantaneous, he has done thousand of studies on it involving thousands of subjects, and they know it is effective. So the next times you experience a setback- anything from a leaky roof to a fight with your friend- walk yourself through these [Read more...]