What is sub-cellular sonic wave music?

Tao of Music Alpha Wave CD

Tao of Music Alpha Wave CD

Just like heat and light, musical sound is a form of energy. You cannot see music, yet you know it has physical properties because something makes your eardrums vibrate so you can hear tones!

Any sound, including music, may be pleasant or unpleasant to listen to. We all have experienced feelings of excitement when we hear a dance beat, tension when we hear angry sounds, joy when we hear uplifting music, and peace when we hear calming music or the wonderful sounds of nature. There is no denying that music (sonic energy) affects us physically. In fact, music can profoundly affect our physical and mental health.

Most of us turn on the radio, find our favorite station, and listen to whatever the disk jockey plays, including news and commercials. Without realizing it, we are allowing the sounds we hear to set the tone for our day. Music and other sounds affect our moods and attitudes. We all intuitively know this. (What would you rather wake up the gentle voice of a loved one, or the harsh tones of an alarm clock?)

If music can put us in a positive or negative frame of mind, even make us feel physically better or worse, why not take control of our day by using music to powerfully reinforce our best and most positive thoughts? Why not listen to music that aligns with our best, most healthful and youthful physical state?

This was the question the creators of sub-cellular sonic wave music sought to answer. Led by musician Gary ­Hovda and researcher Wesley Bateman and audio/sound engineer specialist Allan Howarth, a team of artists, academic researchers and healthcare professionals engaged in a scientific study to determine what tones, harmonics and musical sequences provide the most benefit to our bodies and minds as the sound waves interact with our eardrums.

What they discovered is truly remarkable. Through the science of bio-feedback and observing human brain waves in relationship to the Schumann Resonances. The team was able to compare and align musical tones with what ancient Buddhism calls the silent sound of the universe, using the sound OM, and the ancient secrets of the music of the sphere referred to in the study of all ancient Pyramids.

The result is 90 minute collection of music created with acoustic and electronic instruments, influenced by specific frequencies that calms the mind, enables the accelerated healing in human cells, and improves our overall sense of well-being.

Listening to sub-cellular sonic wave music for just 15 minutes at least once a day (preferably longer) is an essential element of the Tao of Youth. Together with Biolaxin cream to restore the skin natural glow, and Biolaxin tablets to help regulate the body youthful inner balance, the Tao of Youth CD helps to promote physical and mental health at the cellular level through sonic vibrations.

This is not simply new age music, a label often placed on any electronic music with an otherworldly sound. The Tao of Youth sub-cellular sonic wave music is scientifically aligned with your body’s own natural rhythm like your heartbeat, your brain waves, and your breathing as well as with the Earth’s natural rhythms, such as sunrise, sunset, and the tides.

It was pleasing (though not at all surprising) to discover, after creating this music, that its cadence matches exactly with the spoken syllables of the Buddhist mantra of Guan Yin: Weng Ma Ni Ba Ma Hong This is translated: Lotus Jewel, grant me omniscience, manifest compassion effortlessly, fulfilling all wishes. What better vibration message could you choose to set the tone for your day and for your lifetime?

If you want to know more, read on for the science behind the music. Or just try it for yourself! Click here to read what others are saying about the Tao of Youth sub-cellular sonic wave music CD.

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