What is sub-cellular sonic wave music?

Tao of Music Alpha Wave CD

Tao of Music Alpha Wave CD

Just like heat and light, musical sound is a form of energy. You cannot see music, yet you know it has physical properties because something makes your eardrums vibrate so you can hear tones!

Any sound, including music, may be pleasant or unpleasant to listen to. We all have experienced feelings of excitement when we hear a dance beat, tension when we hear angry sounds, joy when we hear uplifting music, and peace when we hear calming music or the wonderful sounds of nature. There is no denying that music (sonic energy) affects us physically. In fact, music can profoundly affect our physical and mental health.

Most of us turn on the radio, find our favorite station, and listen to whatever the disk jockey plays, including news and commercials. Without realizing it, we are allowing the sounds we hear to [Read more...]

Tao of Youth Introduces: Artovan’s Music "Peace Begins at the Cellular Level"

What is the science behind the Tao of Youth music?

During our waking hours, our brains are most often in a beta wave frequency pattern. The beta brain state is one of high alert and quick response, necessary in crisis situations. However, when the beta pattern is maintained for an overly high level for long periods, it can lead to [Read more...]