Tao of Music Alpha Wave CD

Tao of Music Alpha Wave CD

Tao of Music Alpha Wave CD

Tao of Music Alpha Wave CD
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Sound Power

The healing power of sound has been well-documented, dating as far back as ancient Chinese medicine books. Historically, Tibetan monks have used chanting to help achieve a state of nirvana. Today, new research has recognized the significance of using sound to alter our state of mind.

The music on the Tao of Youth CD also has powerful healing qualities because its sound is based on frequencies found in nature and in the brain’s natural resting state. Most of the time, our brains are in a beta wave pattern. At its highest levels, beta waves are associated with anxiety, disharmony, and unease. However, when we relax, our brain goes into an alpha wave state. In this alpha state, we are calm, but still very focused. Unlike traditional music, the Tao of Youth CD plays music at the same alpha wave frequency. As our brain recognizes the alpha waves, it begins to resonate along the same frequency, much like a tuning fork. This allows the listener to relax and bring his/her brain into the same state, not unlike the chanting of a Tibetan monk.

The Science Behind Tao of Youth CD

The music that was created on this CD is based on specific mathematical frequencies and was recorded on a special electronic digital keyboard. These frequencies were discovered by Wes Bateman after 25 years of research on the relationship between mathematics and sound waves found in nature and the human brain. His research revealed the existence of a natural system of mathematics, which nature and the universe uses to describe itself. This natural system of mathematics is now called the “RA System” of mathematics. Additionally, Bateman discovered a relationship between key mathematical constants (π and Φ) and the frequencies found in the human brain.

The Artist, Gary Hovda

The music was created and recorded by Gary Hovda on a special keyboard which was influenced by the frequencies discovered by Wes Bateman. Gary is not a trained musician but became deeply inspired after having played the instrument for only a short time. The music on this disc is truly unique. It has not been digitally mastered or altered in any way from the original recording, and is probably the first music ever recorded by someone who had previously never played a musical instrument. There was no practice or preparation or thought prior to each selection, yet there is not a discordant note on the CD. It was created purely through feeling and intent.

The Effects of Tao of Youth CD

Artovan produces a feeling of balance and peace. It allows the listener to bring him or herself into the present moment, creating a calm and focused state of mind. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased blissful feelings
  • Intensified focus and concentration
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Improved memory
  • Improved cognitive earning

The music on this CD is unlike any of today’s music. Music created in the standard way, as it is not based natural universal mathematics, becomes tiring to listen to, no matter how beautiful it is. This is a natural protection by our cells as the “beat” of the music is not resonating to the cellular structure. Music based on the RA math frequencies can be listened to repeatedly and each time the listener seems to always hear something new.


Laiki owns a Bikram yoga studio in Bloomington Minnesota with her husband Herb. I had introduced this music to them and they like it so much that they play that everyday for over a year in their studio and this is her comment.

  1. How difference is this subcellular Artovan music from the other similar music that you enjoy?
    Most “New Age” music sounds very bland to me, kind of like modernized elevator music. I find much of it tiresome after a few listens. We’ve had this music Artovan playing at the studio for well over a year now before and after every class – hundreds of repetitions – and it has yet to become boring.
  2. Since you play this music in the studio, what do you observe that is happening ?
    The plants love it! They’re all growing and blooming vigorously. And the people do too. We’ve always had a lively group of yogis conversing after class, but now it seems like nobody wants to leave. It also has an immediate soothing effect on people as they enter the studio.
  3. JULIE one of the yogis ( had just started a teacher training session in L.A.) said you had recommended her to use the music to help her memorize the teaching script of her teacher training for Bikram. She said it helps her. What else do you find this music can help people besides memory?
    It’s great for increasing focus, calmness, clear thinking, concentration – all of which are useful in yoga practice.
  4. What kind of reaction do people have about the music ?
    “What are you playing? – I really like it!” That is what they will comment.
  5. Do you find this music helpful to you? Please explain..
    Absolutely, for all the reasons above, and I look forward to Volume Two.

Tao of Music Alpha Wave CD
$18.00 + S&H




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