Going To The Next Level Of Body Intelligence: Coaching Program That Transforms Your Mind, Body And Spirit

Body Intelligence

Body Intelligence

A. About May Yue

For 15 years she has been researching and experimenting on the subject of health and wellness. With the help of her brother and sister she had authored the book “Tao of Youth” let nature heal you. It is a book that combines Easter and western approach to health and wellness.

B. About the Topic “Body Intelligence”

This breakthrough information is based on 2500 years old information Yellow Emperor’s classic medicine (Chinese traditional medicine TCM is based on) plus new research and new user friendly language so laypeople like us can grasp the concepts. By gaining this knowledge we will be more proactive and more in charge of our health so we can transform our mind, body and spirit.

C. Who should participate in this program?

This program is for you if you are interested to invest in yourself so you can gain knowledge so you can be pro-active about your health. This is not for you if you are not dedicated and committed to have the discipline to put health as your most important asset so you can enjoy life’s abundance. This is not for you to become a practitioner.

D. This coaching will cover

  • The new concepts of body intelligence- you will not find this information in any books (both eastern and western)
  • Implement the breakthrough knowledge that you learn in “ How to unlock the pathways to your body’s intelligence” workshop
  • Understand the vascular vitality (Qi-blood). How to control and reverse its deficiency
  • Understand chill-toxin theory and experience its effect on your body and how to flush these toxins.
  • Understand the meridian system in your body and how it affects your vascular vitality.
  • How to gain insight to your body functions and gain knowledge and recognize aging signs and learn how to reverse it.
  • How to give yourself treatments of massages and tapping and placing magnet on strategic points.

F. This coaching program is not for:

  • Disease treatment or to replace your doctors advice.
  • Medical information for practitioners in the wellness field

…it is a learning experience that gives you information:

  • so you can be more in charge of your health
  • so you can be more conscious and competent about your body
  • so you can transform your mind, body and spirit.

The coaching program will consist of

  1. An individual tailored program for each participant. A form will be provided for you to fill out so May Yue can have a better understanding of your needs.
  2. A comprehensive consultation with May Yue – map out a course of action.
  3. Two 30-minute phone consultations with May Yue for your particular needs and issues.
  4. Two treatments from May Yue and her associates:
    1. First treatment /instruction from May Yue. You should be able to continue treatment yourself at home afterwards.
    2. A full body treatment by an associate of May Yue.
  5. Six weeks teleseminars
    1. Starting May 26-July7 (June 23 no seminar).
    2. First 2 weeks more on the new concepts
    3. The third through six week questions and answers.
    4. Participants post questions and May Yue will answer in those sessions. (a chance to hear other’s issues so you can learn together)

Class will start May 26-July 7

Individual scheduling of consultation time can start before May 26 for comprehensive consultation and treatment for those who want to start right away after the April 30 and May 14 class.

Scheduling form will be sent out for you to start signing up.

Forms will be given to answer questions for individual issues so you can have the best comprehensive plan.

Journaling is important – will give you guidelines on how to journal.

Two payment options

Single payment of $797 (workshop attendees can apply coupon)


Three easy payments of $277 each.


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