Humic Fulvic Minerals Instead Of A Flu Shot

It’s getting close to the year when flu vaccines are pushed on us to supposedly ensure we won’t get sick. Our HFA supplier sent us this article which we really like since we don’t believe in vaccines.

An old remedy from the soil resurfaces to help those who cannot access flu vaccines. Natural humic acid coats viruses and makes it more difficult for them to attach to healthy cells and multiply. It has shown to reduce viral counts in numerous patients with a variety of viral inflictions including hepatitis and HIV.

Viruses are extremely small organisms that can easily get inside cells. They are parasitic in that they enter healthy cells where they reside and feed off these cells. They raise their young within these cells to be spread to other cells inside and outside the body (through sneezing, excretion of body fluids, sexual transmission, etc.)

Viruses contain a receptor-binding protein that keeps them attached to the healthy cell. This protein encapsulates the virus and makes it resistant to attacks from the immune system. Humic acid is a nutrient from the soil that dilates a healthy cell and causes permeability so it can enter.

When humic acid finds a virus it coats it with a substance that not only prevents the virus from attaching to a healthy cell, but also sends a signal to the immune system alerting it of the invader. This kicks the immune system into action against the virus that has been laid vulnerable by this coating. As explained by Dr. Howard

Peiper in the book, Live Disease Free, special processing by some supplement manufacturers creates a “viral infusion inhibitor” that prevents the virus from reproducing. Therefore, viral counts are reduced and the immune system is more successful in ridding the body of the virus before it can gain a foothold and create an illness.

Humic acid is selective and seems to know which cells are virus-laden. It coats only those cells, leaving the healthy cells alone so the immune system will attack only the virus. Studies have shown no negative side effects when using humic acid.

The National Institutes of Health in 2002 concluded that humic acids exhibit effects both as a preventive and a curative from a broad range of viruses. They also indicated that if taken before introduction of the virus, patients exhibited a strong prophylactic effect. As quoted from Experientia, by Klocking and Sprossig, “Medical studies show that difficult respiratory illnesses common in children are readily resolved with humic acid dietary supplementation.” With results like these humic acid would be a worthy addition to a dietary regime during the flu season.

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