HFI Is Your First Line Of Defense

Nearly fifty years of research suggests that a compound of humic fulvic acid is a valuable support for people who seek relief from nutritional imbalances, immune system disorders and viral diseases.

Humic fulvic acid’s greatest contribution to human health will be as a preventive dietary supplement. Every scientific test of humic fulvic acid has conclusively proven that it is most effective and efficient when it’s introduced into the system before a threat appears.

With new strains and mutations of microbes constantly popping up around the globe, our immune systems are being challenged like never before. That is why we suggest the use of a purified, refined, and standardized humic fulvic acid supplement on a daily basis, as a part of your regular health maintenance routine. Daily use of humic fulvic acid will assist the body in manufacturing the glycoproteins that balance and regulate the various components of the immune system.

Along with microbial threats, we are witnessing a continuing influx of industrial and agricultural toxic pollutants into our air, our water, and unfortunately, even into our food supply. Humic fulvic acid will act as a gentle and mild daily detoxifier that will inhibit and reverse the build-up of these poisons in the body. Humic fulvic acid will also supply the body with approximately seventy essential organic, plant-derived, bioavailable trace minerals that are simply not to be found in our modern diets.

Studies have shown that because humic acid minerals are plant-derived, they are much more available to our systems than their rock-derived counterparts. Keep in mind that today’s soils are mineral depleted. Only a few of the essential minerals are added to the soil today to promote crop growth. The mineral-rich soils of the prehistoric age exist no more. The abundant, and giant life forms supported by these ancient soils exist no more. But their vitality has been concentrated and preserved in deep humic layers for millions of years, and is now available.

Everyone’s heard the old adage: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In matters of modern health, truer words were never spoken. And with medical costs skyrocketing, and insurance premiums rising at the same pace, who wouldn’t want to know that all of their vital systems are “up and running” at their full potential?

Glycoproteins: Proteins that bind with one or more chains of sugars. These sugar chains modify protein structures, permitting them to participate in cell-to-cell communication. Most proteins in human plasma and many cell membranes are glycoproteins.

Flushing of “Net water” weight from your body with Oolong Tea

Most people’s excess weight may be divided into “Net Water” weight and “Net Fat” weight. The “net Fat” weight is related to extra caloric intake but the “Net Water” weight is related to the type of food (particularly gluten in grains and casein in dairy products) one consumes. One should reduce or eliminate these proteins before trying to flush the water from the body.

Two natural methods may be used to flush these “Net Water” weight from the body and they are particularly effective if they are used together. The first one is fresh sqeezed fruit juices ( 6-12 ozs per day in the morning together with 8 cups of Oolongtea) or freeze dried fruit and vegetable pills (Fruite-4-Life D2SWR 018 and Veggie-4-Life D2SWR016 from http://www.swansonvitamins.com... 1-800-437-4148, 5 tablets each [10 total tablets] toegethe with the same amount of Oolong tea).

The second method is drinking Oolong tea. Oolong tea is partially fermented (green tea is not fermented and black tea is completely fermented) which retains some of the enzymes during the fermentation process which are very helpful in flushing the “Net Water” weight in one’s body. Choose Wu-long teas that are picked from the top of the mountains in cold and more hostile environment.

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