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  1. Dear May, Thank you so much for your lovely “starter” gift! How very generous. Now I’ll have a wonderful keepsake of you and your group here in San Miguel. Warmest regards, Dianne

  2. May,
    I am listening to you on Mari’s call right now. I was looking for some information on the description of the crystals and what they each are good for on your website. Can you please direct me? Or, do you have some information on this topic? You are very knowledgeable.. Thanks for great content.


  3. Kathy Padilla says:

    Do you have vitalaxin or biolaxin available among tor products?



  4. Leslee says:

    Hello May,

    I just ordered your special from Mari’s telesummit and I have a few questions.
    I have used Bioidentical hormones for 4 years then it wasn’t working anymore, night sweats back, doctor said use more. I have been off it for a year due to my financial situation and want to go back on but now with you saying that I need the relaxin to make it work properly, I don’t know what to do. I have called around and know one in Calgary knows about Relaxin. Where do I get it?
    What are your products, your 60 day supply, what do they do for you.
    I need my hormones back I have studied to long and hard finding out about them to stop but do I go back on the Estrogen and Progesterone without the help of the Relaxin.
    Look forward to your response.

    Thanks May for all of your hard work in this area, it is so important.
    Calgary, AB, Canada

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