May Yue

May Yue

What’s your Biggest Question about groundbreaking findings and new answers and remedies to improve your health using both traditional Chinese medicine and progressive Western medicine?


  1. i was unable to use your contact form on your website. could you pls. send me instructions how to prepare the rice if you are not using a rice cooker.
    with other rice i put 2 parts water to 1 part rice and slow simmer for 50 minutes. would this be the same?

  2. Madelon Distelrath says:

    Hello May,
    I just found your site by accident or fate.
    I am concerned because my house numbers are 537, all the bad numbers.
    How can I off set the negitive .
    I ordered your package. Thanks. M

  3. Helen Schmitz says:


    I received your free offer from the ahamoments telesummit and it was so wonderful and interesting! However, I cannot find where to buy the relaxin hormone. Could you please let us know how we can obtain this hormone?

    Thank you!

    Helen Schmitz

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