The Power Of Coincidence

This recent Labor Day weekend was a good time for me to clean up my guest room and I came across this book called The Power Of Coincidence, by David Rico, who is a therapist, teacher, and author who leads popular workshops around the country.

This book helped me understand the unexplained events in my life that changes me and how all of these events are catalyst of my transformation and lead me into my path of doing what I am suppose to do in this life time.

According to Rico, most of us are quite aware of our limited powers and yet not so aware of our boundless potential. This potential is our true self, an energy that unconditionally and universally loves, discerning with the wisdom of ages, and abundantly rich with healing power. When these sleeping powers are activated, we are acting accord with the best in us. Our spiritual powers may remain sleeping giants in our psyche and never display themselves in our actions. When our destiny remains unfulfilled and a sense of “something missing” may pervade our life.

Synchronicity (coincidence) comes along to wake us and fulfill us. It shows us that the world orchestrates some of our life events so they can harmonize with the requirements of our inner journey.

Synchronicities are unusual, unexpected, not constructed or controlled by the human ego. We cannot cause these kinds of miracles to occur, but we can greet them and grant them hospitality in the unopened rooms of our souls. If we allow it to happen to us and listen to the lessons, this can open up us to many marvels.

My personal ordeal this past year was a good example of synchronicity working at it’s best and I have decided to welcome it and see what kind of lessons I am going to learn and live the grace of life that our creator intended me to have.

The human organism has self healing power. We have three reliable and highly skilled healers within ourselves.

  • The first is the inner physician- the grace of the body- who rushes to the scene of the accident. We cut a finger and the body brings platelets to stop the bleeding and white cells to prevent infection. We can cooperate in this process by washing and covering the cut with the skill we learned from our first aid manual.
  • The second is the inner psychologist- the grace of the psyche- who knows how to help us with our emotional injuries. When a shocking loss occurs, our psyche will brings tear to help us mourn. We can join in by actively engaging in grieving. We have an inner psychologist that can guide us through the crisis.
  • The third is our inner priest, our spiritual guide- the grace of the soul- who knows the full itinerary of our journey through life and can offer the provision that requires. Our souls bring dreams, intuitions, burst of imagination, spontaneous creativity, and sudden awakenings. We act according with the callings of our destiny.

Rico went on the explain this

“The physical work leads to the joy of health. The psychological work leads to the joy of responsible living and effective relating. The spiritual work leads to the joy of universal love. Our work in all the three areas is to synchronize our learned skills with out inborn resources. This is the dance, the harmonized movements of effort and grace that enact the equation of human wholeness. Personal power is an abiding and inviolable trust that the three graces are resident and active in our psyches. It is synchronicity at work- or rather, at play.“

We have heard over and over that true health is to have mind, body and spirit in harmonize so we can have true balance in life. I think the way Rico explains it resonates with me the most. We need to pay attention to events in life that teaches and transform us: by paying attention and recognizing synchronicity in our daily experience, in our imagination, and in our dreams. Such heightened awareness leads to a felt sense about what may be incubating in the hidden depths of our unconscious. We then recognize the significance of the timing in all that we do.

We can be more skilled to read these events in our life and learned from it and welcome them to help us become more attune to our inner soul and that all three of our inner healers can synchronize so we can have a more meaningful life:

  • We can learn to interpret a series of similar happenings
  • We can open to the assisting force around us
  • We can get past the fear that can stop us from being us
  • We can deal with fate and participate in our own destiny
  • We can tell the right time and from the wrong time
  • We can use creative imagination in our choices
  • We can live in accord with our deepest needs and wishes

By paying attention you will notice the miracles are everywhere around and within you.

I noticed that since I actively and consciously participate in this process of harmonizing the three power healers within me, I found I lost my fear and have more confidence in the trustworthy light inside me and cultivate the skills to let it come through. You all have the resources within you and I hope this helps you navigate your life and can pursue and tap this within you and I wish you have a passionate life and may your light shine through! — May

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