Getting Off The Fence

by Marianna Cooper (President of Aha Moments Inc.)

Have you ever felt like you hated where you were but you were also terrified of where you wanted to go? You can get really excited about the possibilities of what the future holds if you take certain actions like starting a business or leaving an old worn out relationship, yet you stop yourself from taking action because going forward brings you anxiety due to fear of the unknown?

Well that is what we refer to as “Being on the Fence”, that immobilizing, disempowering state of mind that keeps us stuck, confused and stressed out. “Fence sitting” is usually due to a conflict between the voice of our Higher Self saying “Oh yes you can,” and your ego saying “Oh no you can’t!” The ego or inner critic tells us that no one will pay us or our idea won’t make it, or we will never find a new person who will love us.

The Higher Self or our Intuition tells us “You know what we can see beyond your physical eyes and senses. Trust us and take the leap!” If you trust and take “inspired action” you will land on your feet. And if it does not work out you will still make progress because great lessons are learned from seeming mistakes. So taking action based on the quiet urging of the inner voice – Your Intuition will not steer you wrong!

Now, you might say, “Well how can I trust that voice?” “How do I know that my fear isn’t my intuition saying to me don’t do it?”

Here are 3 telltale signs that your ego is having its way with you!

  1. Your ego will talk in lots of words, analysis and cause you to feel anxious and confused
  2. Your ego will not stop chattering and will run you through the whole worst-case scenario from top to bottom.
  3. Your ego will cause you to doubt and second-guess everything that your true Intuition is telling you because it will be drowning out your quiet still inner voice.

Your Intuition on the other hand is quiet.

  1. It will urge you to go ahead 1 step at a time.
  2. It will not give you all of the steps to take, just the very next one.
  3. Your intuition will also talk to you in pictures rather than words. You may get a feeling to make a call, pick up a book or turn on the TV at just the right time to catch meaningful information for you.

It is much harder to hit a moving target! So get off the fence! You are actually better off choosing to stay in the old way than to be on the fence.

Fence sitting gives your ego time to build up steam with anxiety, brooding and fear. It is actually more empowering to say, “I am not ready to make a move yet. So I consciously choose to stay in my old ways and fully be present as I stay.” Even though this may not seem like progress you are staying “Empowered” by choosing to stay the same.

But even better is to:

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Ask your Intuition to assist you and say, “I now ask to be shown the perfect next step for my highest and greatest good.”
  3. Take action on the small voice of direction that inspires you to move forward.

Make a conscious decision to CHOOSE your Intuition. Your progress will be faster than you can imagine!

So Trust Your Intuition and Get off the Fence!

This week take an inventory of what you are sitting on the fence with. We all usually have at least one thing.

Get quiet, take 3 deep breaths with your eyes closed and ask, “What first step should I take to ‘Get off the fence?’”

In your journal write down any symbols, colors or signs that you see either in your mind’s eye or out in your environment. Then say, “Please help me to have the courage to take one step of inspired action today.”

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