China Project: Famous Cornell Oxford Study

EAT like rural Chinese
Live like modern American

President Clinton followed this diet so he can lost 17 lbs so he would look good to walk his daughter Chelsea down the church isle in her wedding. He is interviewed by Sanjay Gupta CNN about his grain and vegetable diet (like China Porject) so combat his heart diseases. He can do you can do it too.

Why is it beneficial to eat five grain rice?

The Chinese Rural Diet

  • Virtually everyone who eats whole grains, vegetables, fruit, and the right fat and protein food loses excess weight.
  • They are also generally quite trim and healthy and although they consume 300 calories more a day than typical Americans, obesity is rare.

The explanation: calories burn faster when a low-fat, low protein diet is followed.

Why is the Oxford-China Cornell project on nutrition, health and environment that began in 1980 important to understand?

The comparison between the Chinese Rural Diet and the American Diet

  • Fat: Chinese eat half the fat Americans eat
  • Protein: Chinese eat one third less protein than Americans eat
  • Fiber: Americans eat 70% less fiber on average than the Chinese
  • Carbohydrates: Americans eat 30% less carbohydrates than the Chinese
  • Heart Disease-Women: American women have five times the risk of dying from heart disease as compared to Chinese women
  • Heart Disease-Men: Middle-aged men in America are 1700% more likely to die from heart disease than men of the same age in China
  • Approximately 90% of the protein consumed in Rural China is from a plant source; 70% of America’s protein is from animal sources
    The nation with the lowest rate of breast cancer in the world is China according to the above study, most likely due to the plant based diet.

Why is it important to have good eating habits and life style?

According to Dr. Dana E. King, the top medical researcher at the University of South Carolina in Charleston, said “The decline of life style will translate into higher rates of diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.” In her studies King found that when middle-aged adults newly adopted a healthy life style – regular exercise and proper good diet, including whole grains, fruits and vegetables.- their risk of developing cardiovascular diseases or dying over the next several years fell by as much as 40%.

Nutritional value of Five Grain Rice and the grains that are in Tao of Youth’s five grain rice formula

  • Plant fiber found in the Five Grain Rice helps to reduce fat in the blood and prevent hardening of the arteries
  • Consuming a lot of whole grains, such as Five Grain Rice, helps to cleanse the arteries
  • Five Grain Rice is rich in minerals like Niacin, and contain vitamin E in its oil
  • Five Grain Rice is high in soluble and insoluble fiber
  • Five Grain Rice is much higher in nutrients than plain white rice, plus contains added antioxidants and flavonoids
  • Five Grain Rice is Gluten free and easily digested by almost all people
  • Five Grain Rice ranks Low on the glycemic index Can be enjoyed as: a hot breakfast cereal, a carbohydrate side dish, a snack on the run, a sweet dessert and many more.

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