How I Became Interested in Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui

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I was in Hong Kong a few years ago to print my book “Tao of Youth” Let Nature Heal You. I left Hong Kong to go to college and had stayed in the USA all these years and I was back there for four years ago almost 2-3 times a year. I noticed that people in Hong Kong are really into Feng Shui and Astrology. I met a few well known Feng Shui masters through my friends. I was consulting them on what to do with my house and myself.

By the time I needed to come back to the USA, I was wondering how I could continue to practice this knowledge. I decided the best way is for me to learn everything about Feng Shui. I bought all their study courses and all the books and started to study in the USA. The more I get into it, the more I realized this is ancient information that you cannot learn in school and the only way to acquire these lost ancient secrets is through the Feng Shui Masters.

Chinese Astrology and Nine Flying Star: A Lost Secret until Now

2012 Water Dragon Nine Flying Stars | Tao of youth | May Yue

2012 Water Dragon Nine Flying Stars

In fact, I found out that practicing the art of Feng Shui according to time (where the Hong Kong masters use that ‘Nine flying star” chart) was a lost secret until the 1980′s. A decedent of some elite members of the emperor’s court passed it on to him and he started teaching a couple of people and one of them happened to be my Feng Shui Master Edward Li. Previous to that people only understood Feng Shui according to space like most interior designers do.

He had then become the most famous Feng Shui master in the world. He had consulted Coca cola and about 80% of the wealthy tycoons in Hong Kong. He is a wizard and he is able to synthesize these information into simpler versions so that people like me can comprehend.

He then teaches Chinese eight character reading that also help each person figure out his or her Chinese Astrological DNA so he or she can follow those information so they are well align with themselves with the environment besides using Feng Shui. Combining element deficiency information and also Feng Shui, your life will be more balanced and you will perform well. I hope this helps you in understanding why this ancient knowledge is so important to our well being.

We are going through very difficult transition time. There are tremendous changes that have been thrown at us unexpectedly. Our lives are in chaos and we are all feeling the stress. By following some of these customized charts and implementing some of these directions, our brain starts taking control of the path. The next thing we know we are doing better. I have seen many good results and I have seen people change their lives. So I have decided to help others by charting for them. Take a moment to see my information on Chinese Astrological Charting. I would be honored to assist you in your journey. - May

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The Year Of The Dragon

2012 The Year Of The Dragon

2012 The Year Of The Dragon

In Chinese astrology the dragon is quite special and very much revered.

The dragon holds special significance for the Chinese people.

More than 4,000 years ago, there were two large tribes and many smaller tribes in China. The tribes had animals as emblems. The two large tribes unified and chose the dragon as their symbol. In fact, the Han Chinese still call themselves the descendants of the Dragon. Still today, the Dragon is a revered symbol. You can see many sculptures and carvings of the dragon. Even today, the Chinese associate the dragon with power and wisdom. In Chinese astrology a dragon person is special. Born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon they usually stand out as befits a dragon. They are powerful and wise.

In a group of people, “the Chinese Year of the Dragon person” stands out. There is a certain aura about them.

They certainly are not shy – they demand attention and respect.

The dragon is a symbol of power.

Therefore in Chinese astrology the dragon person born under this Chinese Zodiac sign tends to be a “doer” – they do things and achieve power by getting things done. The Dragon is the fifth sign in the Chinese Zodiac and in ancient China, a dragon represents an emperor or power.

What does 2012 and the Year of the Dragon have in store for us? Anticipate a wild [Read more...]

Beyond My Yoga Exercise

I was introduced to Bikram Yoga practice about 9 years ago and I had been practicing since. I had treated my Bikram Yoga practice more as a stretching exercise and now I have learned a lot about the medical benefits of it.

Since I started reading more about it I discovered that a lot of the gurus of Yoga came to the West in the early 1920’s teaching the mind-body connection of yoga. Since I am Chinese I cannot help but be influenced by the Tao teaching, as well as Buddhist teaching, as that was very much a part of my heritage. I also came from a family that was influenced by British missionaries, and our family had been Christian for four generations. To put it mildly, I am spiritually diverse!

The seeking of information about Yoga philosophy was my curiosity. In my inherent quest for knowledge I decided to find out how different the Yogi’s thinking is in relationship to [Read more...]

China Project: Famous Cornell Oxford Study

EAT like rural Chinese
Live like modern American

President Clinton followed this diet so he can lost 17 lbs so he would [Read more...]

Will Power: It’s In Your Head

This article appeared in the November 27, 2011 issue of The New York Times. I was fascinated by the content and often wonder if we can control our will power by our sheer determination. The question remains: “Is will power an illusion?”

In her 2008 book Health at Every Size, nutritionist Linda Bacon argues that because of how the brain’s hypothalamus works, it is a “myth” that anyone can will themselves to lose weight by maintaining a diet. “It’s not your fault!” she writes, “Biology is so powerful that it can make you break the diet.”

This year, in their book Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, Social Psychologist Roy F. Baumeister, and New York Times science writer John Tierney survey a large body of scientific research to conclude that will power is limited and depends on a continuous supply of simple sugar glucose. When glucose is depleted, you fall prey to impulse shopping, affairs and cookies. The solution is:

“Try to get some glucose in you.”

Time’s writer Greg Walton and Carol Dweck do not think so. In research that they conducted — with psychologist Veronika Job — they confirmed that will-power can be quite limited – if only you [Read more...]

The Health-Boosting Properties of Super Food part II

I have mentioned in part I that Gary Null Phd and Martin Feldman, MD had culled through research papers and also medical literatures and have come up with 18 super foods. Part I covers 9 super foods and part II here I will present the other 9 super foods.

Goji Berry

Also known as wolfberry in it’s native Europe, the goji plant is found in much of Asoa, where it appears in Tibet and Himalaya area. This berry is common ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine TMC, dating back thousands of years in use.

It has a high concentration of phytochemicals, amino acids, vitamins B and C, and beta-carotene. It contains 11 essential and 22 trace dietary minerals, is an great source of antioxidant lycopene and is moderately high in alpha-linolenic acid. It also can supply extra protein, dietary fiber, calcium, zinc and selenium.

This fruit protects against cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases and age-related [Read more...]

The Power Of Coincidence

This recent Labor Day weekend was a good time for me to clean up my guest room and I came across this book called The Power Of Coincidence, by David Rico, who is a therapist, teacher, and author who leads popular workshops around the country.

This book helped me understand the unexplained events in my life that changes me and how all of these events are catalyst of my transformation and lead me into my path of doing what I am suppose to do in this life time.

According to Rico, most of us are quite aware of our limited powers and yet not so aware of our boundless potential. This potential is our true self, an energy that unconditionally and universally loves, discerning with the wisdom of ages, and abundantly rich with healing power. When these sleeping powers are activated, we are acting accord with the best in us. Our spiritual powers may remain sleeping giants in our psyche and never display themselves in our actions. When our destiny remains unfulfilled and a sense of “something missing” may pervade our life.

Synchronicity (coincidence) comes along to [Read more...]

The Health-Boosting Properties Of Super Foods Part I

In this article Gary Null, PhD, and Martin Feldman, MD present 18 super foods that should be featured in the diet of health-care providers and their patients. In this article I will present 9 of them in Part I and another 9 in the Part II.

The benefits described have been culled from the medical literature, and a sampling of the research conducted on these foods and their nutritional components is included in the references. What follows is a look at the specific preventive and curative properties of these super foods.


For thousands of years, apples have been used to address numerous medical conditions, including diabetes, fevers, inflammatory disorders, and heart ailments.

One phytochemical found in apples is phloretin, a natural antibiotic. Apples also contain pectin and pectic acids that add essential bulk to a diet.

Apples also have high levels of phenols and poly phenols and poosess other antioxidant, chemoprotective properties. Consequently they help guard against a variety of cancers, including leukemia and cancer of the colon, lung, breast, liver and skin. These chemicals also provide essential nutrients that improve cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of coronary hear disease and stroke and prevent atherosclerosis.


This fruit has a long and rich history in the medical practices of China and India. In Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TMC), apricots and their kernels and prescribed for the treatment of asthma, cough and [Read more...]

What Is Bodhisattva?

A Lesson from My Friend Sabrina.

I had never heard this word before in my life until my high school class mate Sabrina called me from India about three years ago and said:

“May do you know the meaning of the Quan Yin’s chant Om Ma Ne Pad Me Hon, I am in India take a pen and write it down. It means Lotus jewel, grant me omniscience, manifest compassion effortlessly, fulfilling all wishes. I am reading this from a book written by Osho and why don’t you go and buy all his books. I like to be a Bodhisattva.”

I thought, what does all this mean? She did not need to call me all the way from India just to tell me this.

My friend died prematurely last year from a fall in a shower. Ever since that time I have been thinking about her and really miss her soul. Yes her life was short, yet I had been influenced by her greatly. We had gone to a retreat together that was run by her guru Rinpoche in San Francisco and I had started to understand [Read more...]

Gluten Free Tennis Champion

Novak Djokovic Gluten Free Tennis Champion

Novak Djokovic Gluten Free Tennis Champion

By Holli Thompson

Turns out Djokovic has been gluten free for the past year, and his tennis game has gone wild. The guy has tightened up his serve, and is mentally a force to reckon with. His 2011 wins have planted him firmly in the #1 slot for Men’s Tennis.

Lots of credit is being given to his new Gluten Free Diet, and I noticed him pointing to his brain during the match, as if to say, “it’s strong.” He sure [Read more...]

My Mother’s Dream

About 20 years ago my mother woke up one morning and told my father, “I dreamed that your father came to me and asked me to accompany him to see a house of his. He showed me a back wall in the house that had water damage and asked if I could find someone to fix it.” My father said, “What did you say to him in the dream?” My mother said she was always the one he asked to do these kinds of things so this is how she answered him: “Ah Gon (Grandpa), this house is so old why don’t you just tear it down and build a new one?”

My father was getting very interested and wanted my mother to tell him more about the dream. My grandfather went on to say “San Saw (third –daughter-in- law) I do not own the land so I cannot tear it down and I can only fix it.”

Both my parents were puzzled by the [Read more...]

Navigating Change

Big changes in life are often opportunities for growth, but they can also bring about an intense sensation of fear. Perhaps you are graduating from school, leaving (or losing your job), ending a relationship, (death of a spouse) or heading into retirement. In my case my mother’s death had change my life and sent me into the orbit of a new life. While these life and death events, can open new doors, you may find yourself being terrified of the unknown. So, what can you do if fear arises?

“The most important thing about working with fear is to be very [Read more...]

Tough Calls

I was reading O magazine May 2011 issue and came across an article about decision-making by Catherine Price author of 101 Places Not to See before You Die. I had always been very intrigue by the process of making “decision”. In Harvard business school we had a whole course on decision-making. We had these fancy decision-making trees that we had to go through in order to make a decision on whether we should expand our factory and all those intrinsic steps we needed to put down so we can make a good decision.

All those exercises I did were left brain activities to make sure that we had all the facts together and that we analyzed the situations thoroughly to make rational decisions. Based on the story I was told about my family, I have come to the conclusion that decision-making is very much a combination right and left brain activity. The severe and dangerous events my family encountered and how my parents made their decisions through them always fascinated me. Their choices in many situations totally changed our lives and there were guiding principles my brothers and sisters and I noticed. We thrived in difficult times and we all were happy with [Read more...]

FDA Says Walnuts Are Illegal Drugs

Life extension has published 57 articles that describe health benefits of walnuts. Some of the same scientific data was featured on the website of DIAMONDS FOODS, INC. a distributor of packaged walnuts.

Last year the FDA determined that walnuts sold by Diamond Foods cannot be legally marketed because the walnuts “ are not generally recognized as safe and effective” for the medical conditions referenced on Diamond Food’s website.

According to the FDA, these walnuts were classified as “drug” and the “unauthorized health claims” cause them to become “misbranded,” thus subjecting them to government “seizure or injunction.”

Diamond foods capitulated and removed statements about the health benefits of walnuts from its website.

Let’s take a look at the science supporting the consumption of walnuts to see what the FDA censored…and what you can do to stop it in the future.

Eating walnuts cuts heart disease risk

Unlike some nuts, walnuts provide a unique blend of [Read more...]

Getting Off The Fence

by Marianna Cooper (President of Aha Moments Inc.)

Have you ever felt like you hated where you were but you were also terrified of where you wanted to go? You can get really excited about the possibilities of what the future holds if you take certain actions like starting a business or leaving an old worn out relationship, yet you stop yourself from taking action because going forward brings you anxiety due to fear of the unknown?

Well that is what we refer to as “Being on the Fence”, that immobilizing, disempowering state of mind that keeps us stuck, confused and stressed out. “Fence sitting” is usually due to a conflict between the voice of our Higher Self saying “Oh yes you can,” and your ego saying “Oh no you [Read more...]

“36, 36. run for your life!”

Grade school for me was in Taipo Market, a small town outside of Hong Kong. Whenever a bully would approach us on the playground, the smallest of my classmates would yell, “36, 36, run for your life!” and our tiny legs would carry us away like yelping greyhounds. At the time, I had no idea where that phrase came from—nor could I have known how it would determine my family’s fate.

Recently I did some research and found out that “36, 36 run for your life” refers to a book by Sun Tzu on the art of war, called The Thirty-Six Strategems. Written between 722 B.C. and 481 B.C., the book influenced wars throughout the world and became popular in modern times as a guidebook for [Read more...]

Is Osteoporosis in Your Blood?

by Vivian Goldschmidt

I love to play Sudoku. Every time I travel, I take my book with hundreds of puzzles onboard. What I like most about Sudoku is that it requires using extreme logic. Plus to complete a puzzle, there is no room for error. Just one number wrongly placed in a square makes it impossible to solve the entire puzzle.

Like a game of Sudoku, solving the Osteoporosis puzzle also requires a chain of correct and logical data that when linked together, end up making scientific sense and solve the problem. And that is how I created the Save Our Bones Program. I designed an Osteoporosis solution by taking the root cause of bone loss as a baseline, and building around it a natural program to improve the quality and density of bones without the use of [Read more...]